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Acoustic Alchemy

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. It's been 3 weeks since my last blog post.

The Acoustic Alchemy gig went pretty well - we performed in a line-up of some very talented musicians indeed.

The gig was on the main stage - the first time I had seen it in operation since the bar was refurbished.

The line-up featured both seasoned performers and young up-and-comers and the entry fee (which was minuscule) was money well spent for over 180 minutes of live music.

Here's who was there:
Pixie - a unique solo performance, technically brilliant on guitar (and piano too, I hear), warm and wistful themes and melodies.

The GraciousDeviants

Tony MacIver - solo performance, plaintive lyrics and melody in an acoustic rock/post grunge style.

Bill Hickman - a hard-working man playing hard-working music, natural performer, gracing the stage that night in the first of four other gigs elsewhere.

The Stomps - a couple of lads on guitar and drums from “up north” caught up in the grooves of 45rpm Delta Blues/American folk vinyl, with a chip on their shoulders about the police.

Darren Watson - a seasoned performer, bluesman through-and-through, and local legend. Took the stage, and it was his.

Lukin Marlow - popular with the ladies, but happily married (sorry). A performer with everything going for him in his chosen genre, and success well within reach.

The Thomas Oliver Band - a three-piece group of highly-talented and easy-going performers spearheaded by guitarist Thomas Oliver. They rocked.

Most of the people in the list above have MySpace pages - check 'em out!

Once again, Pete Baillie kept the night flowing nicely in his effortless fashion. Sound engineering was provided by the very capable James, and most of the night made it to MiniDisc and, thanks to me and ProTools, then on to CD. Visit the Acoustic Lounge's MySpace site (from where I nicked the image for this post) and see if you can get yourself a copy.

For Darrel and I, the Acoustic Alchemy gig was a wake-up call, a gig to really get nervous about. I'd been at my sons's 5th birthday party all day, having spent the last week or so organising it, and almost dreaded taking the stage that night. It was all there, the lights, the big ol' PA system, even a Green Room! Darrel couldn't quite get over that one - we got to hang out and chat with some of the others before we got up and did our thing.

The atmosphere was great - there was no competition for audience as we had our own different styles, and by and large those that turned up to the gig were looking for a good night out rather than anything specific.

Our performance was okay - there were some good moments, but overall it was not one of our best. Perhaps if we had insisted on a sound check to get the monitoring just right, and get a taste of what it was like to be on stage before the gig, some of the nerves may have disappeared. It was also pretty damn hot up there. It was also quite a while since Darrel and I had actually been on stage for longer than 15 minutes. It was also... okay, enough excuses.

Despite my misgivings the gig certainly lit a fire under Darrel's belly - he is definitely over just playing open-mic nights regularly (as am I) and looking forward to new performance opportunities. We've tasted the fruit of rock'n'roll and we want more, damnit!