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Where am I now?

Ah, the Internet...

In the old days promoting a band was all about word-of-mouth, posters and touring, touring, touring. I guess it still is in a way, but most people are using the Internet for greater exposure.

Now, instead of a poster lost among a myriad of others on a wall somewhere in a blind alley, you can have a profile among a myriad of others on one of the many social networking sites. Or many profiles.


It's kind of tempting - you think you're actually getting somewhere because you're going global - but a global market is a hell of a lot bigger than your hometown, or country.

“Well, duh!” comes the cry.

But surely, surely someone's listening... Is anyone listening....?

We're trying our hand at Internet marketing, trying to get the music out as much as possible. The difficulty is keeping the content fresh, but we've only got so many songs recorded and so many photos. It takes one hell of a lot of time and effort too. However, every little bit helps - now a Google search for The Gracious Deviants brings up at least three separate sites with our stuff on them, and we don't get that Did you mean Gracious Deviantions?

Minor victory...