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Acoustic Lounge

The first gig Darrel and I have played for several weeks went off well.

Darrel had been suffering with a nagging flu which had kept him coughing at inopportune moments for the last two weeks, so the singing duties were largely on my shoulders that night, but we came across pretty well I thought.

We played two of our newest songs: If the Stars and The Mountain, together with tried and true oldies like Lay Your Love, and We Could be Good, and concert favourites Song to Remember and God Knows.

It's always difficult to tell how well you did in front of an audience who were not there specifically to see you, but we did seem to grab everyone's attention away from their beer at least once during the night.

Darrel recorded the show but discovered later that our foot-stamping shook the recorder and left farty noises across the performance but, hey, we weren't going for gold with this recording - it was enough of a joy to be up on stage again after so long.

We have a few gigs lined up, Bodega on the 18th and a couple of other gigs in November including the Island Bay School Fair, which should be slap bang in the middle of our target market.

Our CDs sold out at Slow Boat, which was gratifying - though there were only five to begin with and we can probably account for two purchases from family members, but at least three people came in off the street and bought it. Yay.

This weekend I'll knock off a few more to replenish the supply.