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In Palmy at the Patisserie

We've just got back from playing a couple of gigs at Alexandre Patisserie in Palmerston North as part of the Manawatu Jazz Festival's "Cafe Scene".

Although we're not exactly jazz practitioners we received a very warm welcome from those who decided to pop in for some wonderful food and excellent coffee and stick around for the free entertainment. We played from 11am until 2pm on both Saturday and Sunday, which is something we have never done, nor been able to do before - we'd never had enough material! Darrel and I decided long ago that we play our own stuff much better than we play other people's and so have never sat down to learn any covers. We pretty much played every song we've ever written over those two days, and though the set was the same each day we didn't need to repeat any songs - quite an achievement for us if we may say so ourselves.

We spent Saturday rather cramped in the corner of the cafe pressed up against a cabinet full of extremely tasty looking chocolates and truffles, but enjoyed ourselves nonetheless as a steady stream of people came through. Sunday was much more successful as we played outside in the courtyard under the shop awnings between the cafe door and a guy selling roast chestnuts and almonds - a lot more elbow room and the courtyard lent its own pleasant reverb to our sound. If you screwed your eyes up just so (and maybe looked at a picture of Paris) it was almost like we were in Paris....

Seriously though, we had a great time and we are really thankful to the Manawatu Jazz Club and Alexandre for letting us play there. Despite the rain on Sunday we had a number of tables full of people who, if they had not come specifically to hear us play, decided to stay on for the whole set after partaking a pastry or two. I hear we even made it into the local paper - I'll post a link to the story as it comes to hand.

Darrel and I went straight from the gig to the local Rock Shop to try out a couple of 12-string guitars on the advice of our friend and soon to be producer Steve. Though were a little fingersore from the gig we spent about an hour playing through various songs with one or the other of us on a 12-string to see what it sounded like. After about five minutes it was clear, we want one. It was like a folk version of Wayne's World - "It will be mine. Oh yes. It will be mine." Hmm. Need more paying gigs ....Speaking of gigs:

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