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Things that make you go.... holy crap!

Two things have come up recently that have given me cause to pause and reflect:

The first thing: Darrel and I recently celebrated our 30th birthdays (I was 30 on 25th Jan, Darrel turns 30 tomorrow) with a big party at Tug Boat on the Bay restaurant in Wellington.

Unbeknownst to both of us, my partner Louise brought the family together to buy us possibly the best birthday present a couple of guys like us could have: an 11-hour session at STL Audio, a local recording studio.

Not only is it an 11-hour session, it's a lock-out - we'll be the only ones there, with the whole studio at our disposal. Shocked and stunned I was, shocked and stunned.

Darrel and I are determined to get ass much out of it as we can, so are making preparations (or, at least thinking about them - there may be some time before we can co-ordinate our workloads to book a time) that will enable us to hit the ground running when we get there.

One of those preparations is the GraciousDeviants Songbook - I compiled all our songs into a single document, turning a bunch of odd pieces of scrap paper into something readable.

Now all of the songs are in print you can really see the progress we've made since we started in 2004. Our current plan is to record definitive versions of our two favourite songs, at this stage Song to Remember and Not My Angel. Once these two are recorded we can go into our own studio to record the other three on our promo CD, and then start canvassing the radio stations.

Exciting? I've been wearing brown trousers all week!

The Second Thing: Darrel and I are playing at Bar Bodega on 18th February.

Ahem... sorry, let me clear my throat -


More details as they come to hand. Stay tuned to local radio stations and look out for our posters in town.