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EP Release

So everything finally came to fruition: the recording, the mixing, the mastering, the design, the printing... and now... we sell it!

Darrel and I have been working on a press kit to send along with the CD to various outlets. We'd like to get it on commercial radio as well as the usual indie channels as we think we have a product that will sit just as well in either camp.

When the CDs were finished I had a sudden gulp of remorse - in this age of downloads, did we just waste money printing CDs? But looking at the complete package (and being a guy who likes to have something physical to hold and read while he listens to the music he's just bought) I very swiftly pushed those thoughts away.

The CD looks great and sounds great - we just have to convince a whole bunch of people to buy it. We've been getting some great feedback so far. We've put up the first track All About You on SoundCloud along with a couple of others from our website to generate a bit of online buzz.

Since we have versions of all of the songs from the EP on our website we've had to be careful not to mix them up. Each of the new recordings are streets ahead of our self-produced efforts and we think it's worthwhile keeping them back awhile until we get a handle on how to sell music in this day and age. We now, of course, bemoan the fact that we have so few songs recorded, and that people will think we haven't got any more material.

With the three new songs we're currently working on we now have around 35 original songs to our name, which is nor bad for two professionals trying desperately to be a band around the demands of work.

So next steps... Well, we will begin rehearsing for the EP Release Party. We have decided to play two sets: the usual acoustic set and then playing the EP tracks and a few others as a full band. We will bring Richard in again on drums and we have borrowed Scott ex-The Capitals to play bass.

We haven't got a venue or a date yet, but we'll keep you posted. Stay tuned...