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The Howltearoa gig at the Southern Cross Bar was a big success.

Thanks to Cameron for inviting us, and thanks also the folks who supported us.

The first half of the evening, the Open Mic bit, brought forth a larger number of people than the last time we were there, and some of those who turned up to read were really entertaining. It was a little unfortunate that most of those people didn't stick around to see us... a little more than unfortunate, but I suppose we never stick around too long after doing our bit when we attend Open Mics either.

If Darrel hadn't brought his friends from work, it may well have been business as usual - us, the bar staff, and a big old empty bar.

We played about seven songs, even an encore, which was nice, and then I realised I'd played the whole gig unplugged. I'd made sure Darrel had bought our DI pedal so we could both use the PA and then completely forgot to plug myself into it. Whadda dumbass.

We met a couple of guys who came up to us after the show and had a good old chat -  Ed Zuccollo plays mean keys and wanted to throw some Rhodes on top of our song "Falling" - can't wait to hear what that's like.

So now we're gearing up for Songcraft. Should be a good afternoon/evening...