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News - Gracious Deviants 2.0

It is with glad tidings of great joy that we announce the addition of our newest Deviant, Emma!

Those of you lucky enough to have heard the three of us on stage at The Fringe Bar or The Matterhorn will know how beautifully her voice entwines with ours, how excellent our songs now sound with a third harmony, and how overjoyed Darrel and I are to have her in the band.

Emma’s arrival has revivified our music: Darrel and I are really enjoying going back over our repertoire and retooling certain songs for her to sing lead, and having great fun playing around with three part harmonies in the studio.

This year has been a little quiet for the band, but the Summer is looking very, very interesting indeed. The Gracious Deviant’s are back and stronger than ever. 33% more gracious, 33% more deviant, 300% more awesome!