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Review: Beervana 2015

Beervana 2015 is a two-day event held every year in the WestpacTrust Stadium, “The Cake Tin,” on Wellington’s waterfront. This year The Gracious Deviants played the Saturday evening session.
Beervana is a chance for craft beer brewers and purveyors of fine food to showcase their wares for the increasingly large number of craft beer lovers that inhabit our nation’s capital. In addition to fabulous food and tasty, tasty beer there are two stages featuring a selection of local musicians providing entertainment for the footsore or those who preferred to soak up a little culture with their alcohol. The set we played that Saturday night was a long one, roughly two hours, and rather ambitious considering I was still very much under the weather with a nagging cough. However, all three of us gave our best in what was a fairly challenging environment; not only were we competing with the poor acoustics of what is effectively a concrete ring-shaped box, but also the conversations of stallholders and thousands of milling punters, and the concourse sound system playing background music and the odd garbled public announcement. The 2015 Bledisloe Cup rugby match between the All Blacks and the Wallabies playing on the TV sets mounted on the wall opposite us also held people’s attention late in the piece, but by that stage we were almost ready to leave.
It is impossible to guarantee an audience at a festival gig like this, but though people don’t often stop to listen you are not necessarily playing to no one. We played on a small stage in front of a group of armchairs that were rarely empty over the course of our set, and the picnic tables to the right of us also held a steady stream of appreciative punters enjoying their fine food and drink and, of course, our fine music. We played a set similar to our recent Jazz Festival set minus a few songs that I sing lead on, as my voice was not quite up to the task; I spent the time between songs coughing and guzzling water.
All in all it was an enjoyable gig, and we would definitely do it gain next year. We are now gearing up for our gig at The Fringe Bar. Stay tuned…