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New songs!

Hi there. This is Darrel creating a post on the site for the first time.

I could well be described as the less "technologically aware" of the duo and this is rather satisfying being able to create a message and see it work. Hopefully the picture I add might even work as well!

Pete and I seem to be have an almost ridiculous inability to find Saturdays when both of us are free. The reason we desperately want one of these is so that we can finally start the live recordings we've been on about for ages. However, all we can find at the moment are free Friday nights which are still good but they don't really give us enough time for quality recording sessions. But they do let us get really distracted, drink copious amounts of Tui and write more songs.

We have almost finished our latest idea 'A Song to Remember' and have begun working on a new idea which at this stage we have titled "Mary-Anne". I'm not really sure what it's about (you'll have to ask Pete who deals with 90% of our lyrics!) but it's sounding cool. We also used Friday night to play with our new Olympus ws-200s voice recorder (shown in all its splendour in the photo that is quite possibly on this page).

We recorded a few sessions of us working on the new songs and we will eventually put some of these as well as live concert recordings onto the site (once Pete remembers his website password!). The voice recorder has a really good sound and I have downloaded our best 3 files from last Friday onto my computer this evening. Looking forward to posting some sound files soon hopefully and here's hoping for a free Saturday this weekend for some recording (after the All Blacks game of course!!)