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Review: Fringe Bar

The gig at the Fringe Bar was the first solo gig in our current incarnation, and one of our most successful to date. It was also the first time we managed to get a decent quality digital recording of a performance.
We love The Fringe Bar, the “new” premises in Allen Street has a proper stage and no pillars in the way, unlike its previous home on the corner of Cuba and Vivian (Oh, Blue Note, we do miss you, though!). It is home to a wide variety of events from Burlesque to Stand-up to Karaoke, and even the odd dance class. The bar divides the space in two, with the stage on the right, and a pool table on the left. When full, and it can feel full with about 20 people, the atmosphere is great, as intimate or raucous as you like.
We played for an hour to an appreciative audience of around 30 people, including a couple of curious punters who had walked off the street. Everyone in the band stepped up and did their best, nagging colds and nerves be damned, and delivered a highly enjoyable set. There are still quite a few tunes in the repertoire that have not had the 3-part treatment, but we’re working on it. Suffice to say there were not many times in the hour set that Emma was not singing.
We took a recording from the mixing desk, which was clearer than all of our live recordings to date but at times a little unbalanced level-wise. However, there is at least one song from that night’s recording that is worth posting here, so say tuned.
Next up? Well, we have a private gig to play, and we’re making enquiries to a few other venues. As always you’ll hear it here first, so don’t forget to check back from time to time, or try out our RSS Feed and get the latest new delivered straight to you. Just click where it says RSS Feed on the right, and load us up into your favourite aggregator - we recommend Feedly.