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New News for Youse

Content! It's all about content. We played the Acoustic Lounge last week and debuted our new song Free Bird - nothing to do with Lynyrd Skynyrdrdydrdyd...ryddyr..d.ryd - to a fairly typical-sized Acoustic Lounge audience.

Mention must be made of Terry Shore, whose energetic set featured him playing live over his backing tracks. You can't fault Terry for his commitment to his craft - no matter what size the audience it's a stadium crowd he's playing to and giving it one hundred and seventy percent every time. He has a new album out, at long last.

We played second and although we were a little unsure of guitar balance, the vocal mix was pretty damn good - thanks sound guy! It looks like someone has shelled out for a couple of new Shure SM57s.We played our rehearsed set - a little more ballady than usual but good - and found ourselves playing an encore, which is always nice. We played If The Stars at Mr. Baillie's request.

Last up that night was Anton Thomas - a phenomenal guitarist seemingly as much at home on acoustic as he was on electric the last time we saw him at the Kilbirnie Festival. At this point in the night he was responsible for the bulk of the audience, and his efforts were well-received. He has a soulful voice and a knack for songwriting - it's clear that music is second nature to him, first nature being, of course, music.

I had had a pretty stressful week and it felt great to be up there singing, as it always does, although we played our first song Mistakes I've Made Before with a little trepidation. We've been doing pre-production work on our new EP with our friend The Awesome Steve Gallagher, (to give him his full title) and we worked a lot on Mistakes the previous evening, playing with chord voicing, shifting solos, and adding dynamics. We decided not to try and recreate all that we had achieved the previous night and played the good ol' all-out version we usually play.

I must admit it is by turns interesting and difficult to rework a song from a live performance into a recorded one. When you're two guys with two acoustic guitars, you can hit the limits of your guitar skillz and vocal range and make the best of what you have. When the sonic potential is limitless it's often hard to know where to start. That's where Steve comes in, and that's what is getting us excited at the moment. Steve can listen to our songs as a whole and doesn't have the connection to them that we have as writers and performers. He has the technical training and theory behind him, a vast music collection and knowledge to boot, and is all that and a bag of chips - to paraphrase someone hipper than me.

More on this in later posts as we continue to work on the EP.