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What's in a name?

We've been busy promoting our next gig online on our various sites including our new Twitter account: #graciousdeevs. All this work on publicity got me thinking about names again.

The Gracious Deviants, we think, is a great name but it's becoming clear to us that a name is a very powerful force.

Having the word "Deviants" in our name is ironic given our stage presence and the music we play, but when you have no other frame of reference we may as well be a metal or punk outfit.

Having been The Gracious Deviants for almost six years now, it's very difficult to seriously consider changing the name in the (vain?) hope we might improve our appeal, or open some more doors.

As you know, we arrived at the name using The Internet Anagram Server with the phrase "voices and guitars". We'd tried all sorts of other words and combinations of names but this phrase came up with the largest and most varied list.

If you think Gracious Deviants is odd, you should see some of the other suggestions:
  • Ovarian Dice Gusts
  • Divine Sugarcoats
  • Seducing Aviators
  • Inert Disco Guavas
  • Turd Invoices Saga
and a few rather lurid ones:
  • Erotic Vagina Suds
  • True Disco Vaginas
Try it yourself! There were 64,000 variations (three words and above) for "voices and guitars", there are bound to be a few gems I've missed.

Someone suggested an anagram of "acoustic duo" which was Stucco Audio, but I don't think we want to be associated with a style of wall covering popular in the 1970's and now dreadfully kitsch. If you come up with any good ones, let us know. Until then, see you at the gig!