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Songcraft and Bodega

The Songcraft gig went well, although again, it was not very well attended.

The line-up was not as it appeared on the poster, a couple of acts had to pull out due to illness (get well soon Pete), but Terry Shore soldiered on throughout, keeping things moving. It was, after all, his gig.

I remembered to plug in my guitar this time, which was a bonus. We had a few issues early on with the monitoring, but we played and sang well, and were received well by the audience (the performers and their hangers-on, and the bar staff, and the bar-flies).

Darrel's recording of the gig is noisy but relatively good considering.Terry captured the event on video - where that may surface is unknown at this point, but it may turn up on his MySpace page.

Thanks to Joe Standeven and Mahinarangi Maika we've found another place to play. There's a bar in Petone that holds an Open Mic every Wednesday. We'll be heading over there very soon.

So. What's next?

Well, we've booked to play at Bodega again - the first time since it changed hands - for one of their Tuesday Showcases. The date is 23rd September. We'll post something closer to the time.

It'll be nice to get back to Bodega. This time we'll go all out to get some audience, though.Stay tuned.....