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Gig - GD at Happy Bar

Okay, so I'm not updating this as often as I thought I would, but since my cable service has been down for the last week and a bit I have had no Internet outside of work. I should be at work now but am waiting for the cable guy to turn up. Thank god I kept my old dial-up account active. Anyhoo...

This is the poster from our last gig at a little place called Happy. Yes I know it says Strangelove. And Drag-strip. But if you look a bit further d-- there you go!

We were first up, playing for about 40 minutes. We played a bunch of stuff we've not played much in the past either because they were new (Falling, God Knows, Not My Angel) or because we had lost faith in them along the way (98-3).

It was one of the better performances we've given (in my opinion) although not as fun as the gig for the crew at my work. We're starting to get some dynamics into each performance now that we are getting more comfortable playing our songs. Darrel is itching to get out the mic and put down a whole album's worth of live tracks so that we have something to show for our live efforts. I agree, I think it's important to get a record of how we sound now because the only recorded stuff we have at the moment is from right when we first started. I still want to do full production numbers with keys and drums and multi-track vocals but we really do need the raw material first.

The week before we went back to the place where we were first discovered, The Blue Note, for a spot in the weekly open mic night. This was the first time Darrel and I had played together in about a month. It was a terrible night, raining and cold. We didn't expect there to be much of a crowd, but it turned out everyone we had ever met in the scene was there that night, pretty much.

Usually the Blue Note open mic nights are hit and miss (as are many open mic nights) but that night we found ourselves among 10 other performers, only one of whom was pants (and it wasn't us, we rocked). It was great to come back to a supportive crowd after a long time away. We did four numbers and hung out to watch a couple of friends do their thing. Great night.

Last weekend I set up my studio in my new house so that I can work on mixing stuff we record at Darrel's place in my spare time, and come up with ideas for new material. I'm running ProTools LE 7.1 on a Mac PowerBook G4 through some TDK Tremor speakers that are surprisingly good for their price. Darrel's got all the good gear at his place, but I've got enough with me to produce some pretty good quality recordings if need be.

Speaking of new material, we got together last week the night before the gig to work out the set list. In typical form Darrel came in with an idea he had been working on that blew me away. Again. We threw the set list aside and hammered out the idea until we had a really nice tune.

Darrel tends to find melodies first and wraps them in throwaway lyrics to get his phrasing sorted out. Thing is, in most cases we tend to integrate these throwaway lines into the final lyrics - not because I'm a crap lyricist (which may or may not be up for question) but because one man's trash is often another's treasure. The new song is called Song to Remember, which was the throwaway line, and it's about a couple dealing with the death of a relative.

We eventually got round to doing the set list... ten minutes before the gig. I've just spoken to my ISP and we should be able to host some tracks on my website www.peteredge.orcon.net.nz. Stay tuned for links to our music!