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We have been rather busy lately.

Our plan (as of about a month ago) has been to play more often at a wider range of venues. At the time we were not sure how successful that plan would actually be but we needn't have worried.

Recently we have played two significant gigs at the San Francisco Bath House and of course our debut effort at Bodega. These have seen us play to a whole new crowd of people and we have begun to feel more like 'real musicians' as opposed to bowl ups (with all due respect to open mic evenings!!). It has also been cool to see a number of friends and colleagues making the effort to come along to the evenings as well and this is always good for a little innocent ego stroking.

The Bodega gig was a bit of a marathon. Bar Bodega is a Wellington institution for musicians and music-loving folk in general. The previous night, the highly successful NZ band Goldenhorse took the stage - a bit of a tough act to follow, really. We found their set list... written on the back of one of our posters!

Thanks to Pete Mills, our last-minute sound tech, we managed to demystify the house PA set-up, find mic stands that weren't flaccid, and find a nice lighting state that didn't involve coloured chasers, and took to the stage ourselves. In two sets of around 40 minutes each we played pretty much every song we have to a small collection of friends and colleagues, and hopefully strangers who will tell a quarter of a million other people to come to our next gig.

This was one performance that, though long, we felt pretty relaxed in and consequently gave a lot more energy to the material. There were friendly moments, as there will be at a gig in front of friends, but generally the standard of the performance was streets ahead of our previous attempts. The folks at Bodega liked our sound enough to promise us another gig in the near future. Stay tuned to find out when.

Last week we played a short notice invitation gig at the Acoustic Lounge (of which we are always fond of playing, cheers Pete Baillie!) With this gig we never invited any friends and we performed to a rent-a-crowd of one of our fellow musicians at the event.

Fortunately Pete and I enjoy playing so much these days and we have such improved confidence with live events that it does not seem to matter if we know the audience or not. We played a half hour set and belted out a selection of our classics and a handful of very new songs. The gig was a lot of fun and it was refreshing to be finished by 8:30pm!! (It was light when we left).

We are now looking forward to our upcoming performance at the Kilbirnie Festival next Sunday. We are not sure when we will actually take the stage but we are really looking forward to playing to a big audience. If you read this blog come along and take a look.