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Next Gig: Beervana

We’re playing at the 2015 Beervana Festival in August.

The festival runs from Friday 14th to Saturday 15th August. See HERE for details.

The Gracious Deviants are playing Saturday 15th from 6pm - 8:15pm.

It’s not a gig per se, we are background music for those festivalgoers who need a little time between drinks and the fantastic food on offer. Independent tests have shown that Gracious Deviants music is an excellent aid to digestion and should be taken regularly as part of a balanced diet. It is fitting, therefore, that at a festival such as Beervana where one is likely to consume quantities above and beyond their usual intake of fine beer and food there should be something to bring one back to health; The Gracious Deviants are the ideal remedy. You’re welcome.

See you there!