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Review: Kroon for Your Kai


Kroon for Your Kai is a weekly showcase of local musicians invited to play at The Southern Cross Bar, one of Wellington’s best venues, in exchange for a free meal and drinks.

The Southern Cross plays host to a number of events from bands to sewing circles, outdoor movie screenings and barbecues, to social club meetings and Giant Jenga tournaments, and a night at The Cross is always a good time.

We have played Kroon for Your Kai a couple of times over the years, and have always enjoyed the experience, but we were especially looking forward to this gig, as it has been a long time between dri— er, Kroons for us.

The lineup for the evening was changed at the last minute as the original first act couldn’t make it, but we were very fortunate that the organiser Jhan Lindsay managed to secure the services of singer/songwriter Victoria Ferry to fill the first spot. A solo performer proficient on acoustic guitar and ukulele, with a penchant for bright, quirky original pop songs, Victoria Ferry is most blessed with a voice of extraordinary power, clarity and purity. The control with which she wields this remarkable voice is also impressive, there is a maturity in her performance that belies her years.

Next up was the Stuart McLachlan Show, a one-man smooth jazz outfit consisting of semi-acoustic jazz guitar centre stage over rhythm tracks provided by a drum machine off to the right. Stuart McLachlan kept us all laid back and relaxed for his entire set, caressing chords from his white and gold jazz guitar and adding his soulful rasping vocals reminiscent of Tom Waits before the fifteenth whiskey and 83rd cigarette of the evening as the drum machine shuffled and swung in the background.

We look to the stage last. It was a hot night, and under the lights we were slowly melting. Fortunately we were able to pull off a great performance before either one of us became a puddle on the floor. We were enthusiastically received by the audience (and not just our rent-a-crowd) and it was great to see some unexpected but familiar faces in the crowd. We played a good spread of songs, from All These Things to What Is A Girl To Do, with ample opportunity for both Darrel and I to throw our heads back and belt out a song or two as and when required. We so impressed Jhan the organiser that we have been invited back in April! Stay tuned for the date.

Once again Darrel and I had a great time playing The Cross, but now we must turn our attentions to the next big gig: The Fringe Festival…