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New Material

With all of our focus on recording and releasing the EP lately, as well as the Christmas and New Year break, we've had very few chances to sit down and write anything new.

About four weeks ago was the first time in a long while Darrel and I actually sat down and worked on new material. I often look back at our songs and wonder how they came into being. We usually write songs in bursts; we may have an idea for a while and kick it around, but the bulk of a song including pretty much all of the lyrics are usually worked out in one night. I like to write lyrics this way because I can follow through an idea while it's fresh, and the conditions we're writing under (the time of night, brand of beer, quality of that night's curry, etc) influence what gets written down. Ordinarily I'm pretty analytical, thinking around things before doing them (or not doing them) and second-guessing myself. Writing the way that we do derails this behaviour - I get to enjoy the chaos of improvisation, but I get something concrete out of it also. It then makes it difficult, when my analytical side catches up, to work out how we came up with what we did. Not that I'm complaining!

We have three songs on the go at the moment - one that we have been working on for quite a while, Honestly, and two new ones: Losing My Nerve and The Way She Looks At You.

We've played Honestly in public, but have since changed the key and approached the style a little differently, turning it into something way better than it was when we first performed it. All of the lyrics are written, we're now working on dynamics and the overall shape of the song. Honestly was one of the last songs Darrel and I wrote before we went into EP-mode and our writing muse headed off somewhere nice for the Winter. It's almost a year old and was somewhat overshadowed by Free Bird which was written not long afterwards but immediately incorporated into our live set.

We have since performed Honestly three times, and the last time was probably the best. We played it and debuted The Way She Looks At You at the last ever Capitals gig at The Watusi on 24th March. We have played alongside The Capitals (and their precursor Apricot Jamm) and Monroe for a year now and it was sad to see The Capitals go their separate ways. Thankfully Karen, Scott, and Morgan are all pursuing solo careers so we're not really losing their music. Monroe, it seems, are going from strength to strength. Ever since Lux and Gerry decided to go electric and secured the talents of Kurt and Shane on bass and drums they've been rocking hard and loud, and they really are a dynamic live act.

We wish them all the best and hope we can all get together again soon.