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EP news

It's been a rather long haul but we're finally getting a new EP together!

We're off to talk with Inca/Trident Studios tomorrow to work out a recording and mix session before the end of this month.

We decided that it was about time we put some money into a recording instead of trying to self-produce another CD. We had to accept that as two professional people with roughly two days a week to spend on music we'd be old and grey before we could come up with something of a quality we considered good enough to represent us - best leave the recording to the experts and focus on the performance.

Darrel and I, and Darrel's brother Richard (a magnificent drummer) have been jamming the three songs we have chosen: Falling, Mistakes I've Made Before, and The Mountain. We've decided to go into the studio as a three piece with Darrel overdubbing bass (his first love) as well as guitar and we'll be filling as much of the space as we can with whatever we can play that will suit the final song.

I'me really looking forward to it, especially the mix!