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Bodega Gig and Beyond

The Bodega gig was about ten times better than the last time we played there.

For starters, we played earlier which meant some of the regular drinks-after-work crowd were around to hear most of our set before they headed off for dinner. We also got to the venue in pretty good time so we weren't rushing about trying to get things going - we even ducked out for dinner beforehand!

Typically, the crowd was not large, we hadn't advertised locally (that really worked last time, didn't it? See the post about the previous Bodega gig for the answer to that one) except to tell friends and workmates, and chose to do most of our advertising through MySpace, Facebook, and the other social networking sites where we have profiles.

I can bemoan the fact we don't get the audiences we feel we deserve for hours on end, but a lot of it has to do with the way we market ourselves, and who we market ourselves to. Let's not put too fine a point on it: we don't play avant-garde art-rock, we play music that isn't too challenging to the sensibilities, we're not entirely middle-of-the-road, but pretty close to the median strip on occasions. If you like Crowded House, you'll probably like us. Trouble is, our target market in New Zealand doesn't tend to go out much. They're usually at home with the new baby or, having worked until 6pm, commuted for an hour and a half just to get home, are unlikely to want to jump back into the car and make the trek from the burbs to the big smoke to spend an evening with a band they know very little about.

In the UK and Europe you have a lot more people living in the city, a lot more people wanting entertainment and therefore a lot more established live venues. You can go and see a different band almost every night if you like, and, because promoters can guarantee their clients at the very least a fair turn-out, you can catch blokes wot you mighta saw on't telly music shows playing live.

Now... Hopping off the swing and getting on the roundabout, if you're a new band, how do you make yourself stand out when there will be so many others doing the same, competing for attention? Personally I wouldn't really care as long as the audience regularly outnumbered the performers, but it seems like it's hard to be heard wherever you are. So what's the answer? Well, more gigs. Happily we can oblige:

Island Bay School Fair
Saturday 3rd November

The Gracious Deviants play from 11:15am until noon.

Come and support us and the school, Clyde St, Island Bay, Wellington.