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Kilbirnie Festial Rocked!

The Kilbirnie Festival was excellent - a bright sunny day, lots of people, lots of music, and a bouncy stage next to the Laughing Clowns - what more could you ask for?

Big thanks once again to Pete Baillie and the Acoustic Lounge for organising the stage and equipment, and a shout out to the sound guy for a very well-balanced mix.

We love outdoor gigs, there is just nothing quite like playing and singing in the sunshine while your audience comes and goes in a relaxed fashion.

We played a half hour set, then were asked to play on for another 15 minutes, as the timetable had become a little fluid during the day. We've started many a gig off with the two favourites I See and The Thought of You, so we thought we'd change up this time around and played a very different set, bringing out some material that hasn't seen a crowd in some time.

Darrel and I were fresh from another gig the night before at a Barn Dance (!) deep in the Hutt Valley and it felt good to be onstage two times in a row. The sun was shining, the wind was not as strong as it had been (this is Wellington, after all) and the crowd was quiet yet appreciative - we had some great comments when we came off stage.

The stage was built on top of a truck trailer and was somewhat inadequately braced underneath, so as I got more into the gig and started moving around, so did the floor, and so did our mics, which was a little alarming at first, but entertaining towards the end.

Overall, it was a great afternoon, and with any luck we may get another chance to play outdoors before the Wellington Summer finally stops fooling itself and succumbs to Winter.

Until then, roll on Friday 26th at Happy!