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We're Back!

Oops! Our domain registration lapsed and we were off the grid for a short time, but now we're back online!

A lot has changed in the live music landscape in Wellington. Our semi-regular venue in 2012-2013 The Cheeky Pipi in Island bay has closed; the venue where we had our first gig, The Blue Note, which then became The Fringe Bar has now moved from the iconic building on the corner of Vivian and Cuba Streets into new digs in Blair St; The San Francisco Bath House, where we played many an Acoustic Lounge gig, has also closed; and finally Bar Medusa, like some xenomorphic life-form, has become Valhalla, quite possibly the 8th name change and change of management in as many years. Things are very different now and we've got to get back out there to see what there is to see.

Stay tuned, folks, The Deevs will be back on stage real soon!