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Gig: The Petone Depot

Over the last few weeks Darrel and I have been trying to find new places to play, and last week we found an event in one of our Facebook groups for an Open Mic night called Voices at The Petone Depot.

The Petone Depot is a community shared space just off Jackson Street in Petone, about 10-15 minutes drive out of Wellington City. The Depot is a small but versatile space that runs many different events from Quiz Nights, Pop-up Diners, music, and other performances either free entry or by koha (donation).

Voices at the Depot runs six-weekly and is basically a warm and welcoming living room that performers from the local community and surrounds can come in and play, sing, or recite, or, as happened last night, create lush ambient electronic soundscapes accompanied by an effects-laden bass guitar.

Darrel and I were well received and had a great time performing last night. We look forward to coming back for the next Voices in a month or so!