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Gig: Acoustic Showcase - San Fran Bath House

The indomitable Pete Baillie invited us to play at The Acoustic Showcase for July at the San Fran Bath House.

It has been almost a year since we last played at the San Fran, and it was good to be back!

The crowd was large and appreciative, many of the bands had brought friends along, including a large contingent of Civil Servants who had come to support Rob Addison, the first performer of the night.

Following Rob was Jason McIver and one of his usual bandmates playing as an acoustic duo. McIver is a busy man, a hard working musician taking break from touring the country to play this gig.

We played next, and the tickly throat that I began the week with suddenly turned into a full-blown headcold midway through the first song! I soldiered on, but it is clear from the recording we made that I was really struggling by the end.

The last performers of the night were the Overdogs, a folk/alt-country quartet featuring violin, clarinet, acoustic guitar, and electric bass.

Despite the headcold it was an enjoyable gig, and great to get back to one of the best live venues in town. We look forward to playing there again really soon.