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Last weekend we spent two full days at Inca tracking three songs: Falling,The Mountain, and a late change of mind All About You. It was quite emotionally and physically taxing but well worth it.

Pictured is Darrel on the bass and Richard Greaney on drums.

The engineers Mike and Darren are a fantastic team, experienced and knowledgeable, patient and supportive, and really committed to getting the best sound onto tape (or rather, disk).The studio is not exactly a wall-to-wall carpet, crystal chandelier affair, but what it lacks in form it more than makes up for in function. The rooms sound great, and Mike and Darren have recorded a huge number of performers from soloists to choirs, combos to supergroups in them over the years.

We will be going back in the next couple of weeks to track vocals for All About You with the aim to release it as a single. I'm currently sitting on the sessions for the other two tracks really wishing that, like Darrel, I was on holiday at the moment! Sigh.