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Slow Down, New Songs Ahead...

Just one night before we unleash another new song at the Adelaide Bar open mic night, this seems as good a time as any to discuss the 'joys' of a new song.

New songs are great. They are a reflection of where our music is heading, they allow us to push forward and remain focussed in what we are doing and more than anything else they keep us busy on Saturday nights.

Pete and I love to create. We are much better at creating than we are at practising our old songs! However, there comes a point where you must stop creating and take your new song to audience. I don't get nervous when playing a song for the first time to a crowd, at least I don't get nervous about whether or not it will be well received. I do get a little apprehensive on the other hand about whether or not we will play the song skilfully!

An old song is like an old friend. You know it back to front, you feel comfortable around it and you don't have to tidy up before it comes over for drinks. But a new song is another story. It is like having a new friend round for the first time. You are a little edgy, you're not sure what is acceptable humour and you clench your farts in for dear life. With a new song your fingers don't naturally fall into place on the guitar, you have to search for the next line of words as they approach like a steam train and often the intricate musical moments feel rather forced and muddy.

I'm sure this will be the case at times for our new song debut tomorrow of Things Don't come any Better but as always we will grit our teeth and play the thing as we know that the second time you play a song it is always about ten times easier. Pete and I are obviously suckers for punishment as we continually crank out the new material. We forget the pain and put ourselves through the anxiety all over again remembering only how good it feels to be on the back end of the first performance of that new song no matter how uhhhhh the performance itself actually was.

Right now we have another new song that is also up to performance standard. However, playing one new song is bad enough. Trying to debut a second song on the same night is about as sensible as walking through Otara on a Saturday night dressed wearing a bright blue shirt. So we are saving All the Time in the World for next week and by then we will have been able to sort out the final touches to the harmonies which as yet we haven't actually been able to play with skills all the way through.

Yet we know that we will get this matter straight, as will we once again hang on to the infectious roller coaster that is 'performing the new song'!