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How to succeed in the music business without giving up trying

Darrel has been really busy lately writing to record companies, promoters, publicists, A&R people, music placement people, managers, basically anyone who can help us take our EP and our sound to the next level.

We have had some encouraging replies, and I'd like to thank all those who have taken time to reply - even if nothing comes out of it an acknowledgement of our efforts can be enough of a reward.

We appreciate that the market is well beyond saturation point, particularly since it is getting easier to produce your own music to a respectable standard from your own home, and that New Zealand is too small to give everyone a break.

We have begrudgingly resigned ourselves to the fact that it is no longer all about the music - at least not until you become an established act (whenever that is) - and since an image takes less time to absorb than a song, one almost has to spend as much time on a look as one does on a sound.

We have decided to go back into the studio - our own this time - and put down a few more tracks. Check back again soon for links to some new demos - our new arrangement of Lay Your Love is almost finished!