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Gear - Hooray for new gear!

More info on Darrel's new toy. Hooray for new gear indeed. Ok, so the hyperlink function works and is easy to implement. Excellent.

Still waiting to get access to my damn website.... yawn. I watched one of those "Classic Albums" programmes recently about Elvis Presley's Elvis Presley album and they talked a little bit about The Colonel's inspired merchandising ideas, putting Elvis' face on everything from lunchboxes to sanitary napkins (probably). My favourite, though, was the small metal badge emblazoned with the slogan "I Like Elvis". Kind of incongruous don't you think? Kinda nondescript? I mean, girls would come to his concerts, scream, wet their pants, and faint. "I Like Elvis"? And this from the hyperbolic nation...

So we're going to get badges with "I Like Gracious Deviants" made. Well, no, not really. But it would be fun, although people probably wouldn't want their kids running around with the word "Deviants" in this wonderful safe world we live in.

So why are we the Gracious Deviants?

I'm sure every band goes through a bit of difficulty come up with their name (unless they are Emo, Metal, or one of the "punk" bands that just need something to go with the word "The" in their band name), and I'm sure the larger the group, the harder it becomes. A band name is a magical thing - if you didn't know the music of Pearl Jam you could be excused for thinking they were a funk outfit. Some names just seem to work, attaining classic status whereas others fall flat despite the fact both might look dumb on paper. Case in point: Echo and the Bunnymen, and Ned's Atomic Dustbin. The former, an influential new wave group (the Bunnymen) who replaced their drummer with a machine (Echo), and the latter, a bunch of largely talentless hacks riding on the coattails of the rock/electronica emergence in the late 80s early 90s (Jesus Jones, Front 242, etc) who borrowed the title of a Goon Show programme for their name. Both titles look dumb on paper, yet one is respected, the other derided.

Okay, so obviously the effectiveness of a bandname has quite a lot to do with the talent and popularity of the band itself, but imagine if Queen had decided to go with one of their early bandname suggestions, The Screaming Ab-Dabs? The name of the band has a greater significance than you'd think.

Incidentally, have a squiz at this site for some of the more bizarre names that have come to (albeit brief) light. We found our name thanks to The Internet Anagram Server. "Gracious Deviants" is an anagram of "voices and guitars".

We were originally going with "My Circumfusion Girl" which is an anagram of "Music, Minigolf, Curry" (these are a few of our favourite things) but abandoned it because we weren't emo enough to warrant a name like that. For those that don't know what emo is, it's just like Sesame Street's Elmo (whiny, irritating, bearable only with an icepick in the forehead) without the letter "l", and with hairstyles and make-up straight from the 80s New Romantic period (yes, it has been done before sorry kids). I'm sounding old. Oh dear. Moving right along...

Strangely enough there are websites out there that will find a band name for you, like this one for example.

Til next time...