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Taking a Leap

Our Bodega gig was a bunch of arse not as successful as we would have liked.

There were a few reasons for this. Firstly, it's obvious that putting a gig on with less than two weeks' notice and on a Wednesday night will not exactly draw the punters in droves.

Secondly, due to a double-booking our mate Tommy couldn't open for us, so we had to play first, and with Darrel's cold lingering he was not up to full power until late on in our set. Having said that, Darrel did pull out all he could for the set and we came away from the gig satisfied that at least we had turned things around and redeemed ourselves by the end. Thanks mate.

When we turned up to the venue we realised that without at least one other person it is impossible for a duo to get up and perform with a PA and be confident that they can be heard. We can't afford to employ a sound technician because we're not making any money from the gigs. In the past we have relied on friends being around to help out, or at least be a set of ears. On that nIght, however, all of my friends were busy in the final stages of a film mix, and all of Darrel's friends were teachers whose evenings and weekends are more precious to them than thorazine to a psychotic.

Every performer needs an audience, and it really showed in our performance when, inexplicably, ten people decided to grace the venue with their presence just as we were doing the last couple of songs. Up until that point we were despondently (and embarrassedly - if that is a word) running though our set, making changes where necessary to suit Darrel's ailing pipes, for the two MARVELLOUS people who had turned up to see us. Thank you, you guys, we're glad you enjoyed the show.

If we are going to keep playing gigs things are going to have to change. We need a third person who knows what we do and how we do it, who can be in the centre of town while Darrel and I are in the far flung suburbs where we work during the day, and who can start to market us to people we don't know. However...

Now that the EP is out, we have begun looking for ways to get it on air and into the hands of some influential people. We have sent copies to a few radio stations and will be pulling in a few favours from friends to do so elsewhere. We're also going to start touting our wares among the record labels - the four tracks on the EP are a good indication of what we do, but we've got another 16 songs equally worthy to be heard.

Basically, we have nothing to lose.... (dramatic sting)... and everything to gain. And it's.... allaboutthemusic.