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In search of a Music Video

Darrel and I have wanted to make a music video for quite a while now but the problem has always been which song.

Recently we sat down and went through a torturous process of whittling down our repertoire to do just that. One of the criteria was that the song have a strong enough idea or theme that we could develop visually. We have a few songs with evocative lyrics or themes (Release, Free Bird, Falling), a few with strong storylines (Four AM, Photograph, What Is A Girl To Do), and a few fairly solid video ideas of our own already. However, as songwriters and musicians first and film makers a very distant second it is most important to us that the song supporting our first video is a good representation of our songwriting. We are likely to get more exposure from a video than we would ever get playing live, so the song had better be good. God knows there are enough mediocre songs hung upon good videos out there.

So how do we choose songs that best represent our songwriting but are evocative enough to make a good video? Well... we don't know.

We managed to get it down to a shortlist of three songs, and gave up trying. We're asking you to help us make the final decision. We recorded acoustic versions of all three songs to level the playing field, so to speak, and posted them up on our website with a facility for visitors to vote for their favourite. After a couple of weeks we will tally up the votes and take the winning song into the studio to produce a definitive version. THEN we'll start making the video.

If you want to help us choose, cast your vote here: http://www.graciousdeviants.com/poll/poll.html

Like all independent musicians, we're used to doing a little bit of everything beyond writing and performing to keep the band going (design, marketing, booking, promotion, engineering, mixing, psychotherapy...) and are looking forward to jumping into another new area with both feet. Having said that, making a video is not as easy as writing a song...

We'll post the poll results in a couple of weeks' time.