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I am about to surprise everyone (particularly Pete!!) and offer my first post on this blog since the moon landing.

I have just had issues with passwords (my ICT achilles heel) but I have finally remembered what it is!

Anyway, as the title alludes to The Gracious Deviants have some gigs coming up and there are quite a few too I am very pleased to say.

Firstly we make our long awaited (by us!) return to the Blue Note this Thursday followed up by an appearance at the San Francisco Bath House acoustic lounge on Wednesday July 30th.

We are then performing in Palmerston North during August and at a Terry Shore organised event at the good old Adelaide on Saturday September 6th.

So from sitting in the performing doldrums we have had our sails filled with a nice prevailing Southerly and things are looking much brighter.

We have taken this time away from performing to record and to write creating 3 new tracks that we are looking forward to trying in front of an audience. It doesn't matter how busy Pete and I are we always seem to find time to write new material. Even if its 12:00am and our fingers are tired from playing guitar for ages if we come up with a new hook or idea it’s a case of "drop everything.....did you just hear that??"

But it sure is good to be back playing live again and its great to be back on the blogging front too. I'll try to better sort my act out from now on!!