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Long and Winding Road

Sid Meier has a lot to answer for - his brilliant game Pirates! has intruded somewhat on a few of our practices lately. "Choobang!"

It has been difficult to find the energy to keep going, both of us have been fully-occupied at work or at home, so our weekly jam sessions have not turned up new material as often as we're used to.

I've re-jigged my studio, and now everything is a lot closer to hand when I'm mixing stuff (or playing Pirates!), which should make it easier to keep the creative juices flowing. In a way it does, I've been revisiting some of the STL sessions, trying to thicken up the sound and tweak the mixes a bit.

I've added a few bits to Not My Angel, double-tacking the vocals, adding a slight slap echo, and filling out the solo a bit. Post production on a recording is a fine art - it takes a skilled engineer to realise a lot of effects we take for granted. For instance: how do you make an vocal echo appear only on the phrases you want, and present yet unobtrusive in the rest of the vocal? How do you achieve the effect of a $1000 mastering plugin without the $1000 mastering plugin? How long, indeed, is a piece of string?

Oh, to be Roy Thomas Baker! Actually, given our material, we'd probably be better off being Steve Lillywhite, Hugh Padgham, Mitchell Froom, or even "Mutt" Lange.

We have nearly 20 original songs - only 4 have been recorded properly, and a few haven't been recorded at all. We've got a lot of work to do. On the live front, we've got a gig coming up soon at Bodega (details to follow later) and a couple of free community gigs in November, so we're definitely still getting out there and playing - the music's still great, and I guess that's all we need really.

Although a few more people to think so too would be nice.