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Bodega Review

Well, it was a long and convoluted journey but in the end I think it was worth it: The Gracious Deviants Benefit Show at Bodega.

There were at least 20 people in attendance, mostly our friends but a few surprises (thank you all for coming) and even a couple of walk-ups. It was, perhaps, the greatest number of people we've had come to one of our gigs specifically to hear us play.

Bodega has a bit of a barn-like space at the end of the bar that has a raised stage, rudimentary lighting rig, and a massive PA. A large number of different acts play at Bodega from DJs to punk bands, so it is both concert venue and dancefloor. It can house a great many people, though it really doesn't look all that big. It did seem rather empty, however, even with our modest audience, but then there were few tables in the main space and even fewer chairs, so many people clustered around the bar.

We played two sets of around 25 minutes each with a break in between. We structured each set so that it had a bit of everything we were capable of, that way latecomers wouldn't miss out, and we wouldn't put all of our eggs in one basket. The first set went off well, beginning with I See and ending with Spoke at the Same Time, and we left the stage in good spirits.

After a short break we kicked off the second set with the rare Eastern Patagonian 7" mix of The Mountain - an often misunderstood version of that song but we think important part, nay, lynchpin to the entire oeuvre of the Gracious Deviants and a bold move on our part. To the untrained ear, the Eastern Patagonian 7" version of The Mountain sounds a lot like the regular version played badly with the last verse thoroughly messed up and the last chorus missing whilst both players embarrassedly muddle their way to some form of conclusion before abandoning it completely. Music critics are divided on this point.

We also played 98-3 for the first time in a long while. It is very different from most of our songs, coming as it does from the time when I was into odd time signatures in a big way, but I think it stood well among the rest of the set.

The second set concluded officially with All About You, but we played a couple of encores We Could Be Good and Woman.

All in all, a successful night and, if I can just avoid listening to certain songs in the recording, a memorable one. We have some redemptive work to do for future performances of said songs, but otherwise I'm pretty happy.

Speaking of Happy, that's where we are tomorrow night. Many thanks to Joel Anscombe-Smith, one of my workmates, for driving the desk on the night, and keeping us well-balanced.