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New Tracks on the way!

A few things have happened since we last spoke.

I got married.

And I'm SO happy!

Also, Darrel and I started recording some of our newer material in the hope of putting out another 4-track EP (gotta have merch). We've been recording in "The Garret", or "Attic Studios", or "Bulance Central" (we haven't decided on a name for Darrel's studio yet) and mixing at "Snifter Heights Studio" (my place).

I have never in my life felt more in need of RTAS plugins than I have over the last few months!

My wife (YES!) did a little digging on the Internet and we've found a few avenues as yet untravelled that we might explore to try and promote ourselves more. Now that the Winter is setting in, it seems the Open Mic Night situation is becoming a bit thin on the ground, with regular weekly slots becoming fortnightly, and some venues giving up altogether. Hats off as always to the sterling efforts of Pete Baillie, Jessie Moss, et al who take their time and energy and direct them towards the fostering and care of new and upcoming talent.

As you know, Darrel and I owe our start to Open Mic Nights, and we really appreciate the support and experience we have gained from these nights. We hope they may continue beyond this current mire of audience apathy.

Tell you what, why not head over to Cuba Street and see what's going on? Start at the Southern Cross and work your way down, there's bound to be something to your taste before you hit the waterfront. Go on.

In the meantime, stay tuned for some new tracks. We will be posting them on MySpace, BroadJam, GarageBand, and anywhere else we have material. Watch these spaces...