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Live Album Out Soon!

With the purchase of the Olympus voice recorder a little while ago we have steadily been working towards completing a live album of all our material so far.

After gathering material from five performances at the Adelaide Bar (and one crap gig which we all but ignored) the dream is finally a reality! All that remains is for us to edit the tracks and 'Gracious Deviants - Live at the Adelaide Bar 2006' is ready for the big launch (a.k.a we will be throwing complimentary copies in the direction of family and friends).

Yesterday Pete and I went into the area surrounding my place in Newlands hunting for the perfect shots for the album cover and inlay. The best stuff we settled on is featured in the photo shoot provided. Most of these are based around a large power supply pylon which is found at the end of a walkway behind the house. Today we have been doctoring up the photos to give them that album cover look and adding text.

Pete has a fondness for spending long periods tinkering with details in both audio and visual work so this has been a joy for him to work on!! We have gone for the classic daytime shot on the front cover while the reverse photo features a very 1970's L&P looking photo which surely would contain an old Ford Cortina parked nearby if you were pan the shot lower down.

Our plan to record the final touches for the studio album didn't really turn to much last night as we seemed to be in one of those 'let's just arse about and fiddle round with stuff and not do anything too serious' frame of mind. But that's cool because the live album was the lucky recipient of all our attention. And it's great to have a complete record of all our songs at last.

We are sure to finish the unfinished songs on the studio album in the near future as well. It is possible that we will play the double header at both the Adelaide and Blue Note bars on Wednesday and Thursday respectively.

We look forward to seeing some of you there and you can relax, we won't be ramming our new albums (available for $5 a pop) down your throat ad nauseum like what usually happens!