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So what's next?

So, indeed, what's next?

The STL Audio sessions went well. Check STL out here. Thanks again TK for a very easy experience.

Recording is a very different beast to playing live, and the show doesn't stop once the tape stops rolling either. I'm currently going over the sessions and editing and mixing them at home, and we've given them to JD, one of my friends and workmates who has his own studio, for his contribution too. I'm new to mixing, he is not, and I look forward to hearing his efforts. If they are good, I mean, when they are good we will take the completed mixes back to TK at STL (acronyms galore!) for mastering. Jeez, it never stops.

You could just plug yourself into a 4-track and write a bunch of songs, but without mixing and mastering they'll sink without a trace if you ever send them to a radio station.

Which, of course, is what we are going to do.

Thanks to another good friend and colleague, Andy Hummel, we're getting into the business of releasing our music for sale on the Internet and selected music stores in the hope it will make it onto the public radar. May is NZ Music Month here in New Zealand and we should be in with a good chance of getting our stuff on the air somewhere. We're looking for more gig opportunities too, and if things pan out properly, we should be supporting local band Nine Signals soon - thanks Morgan.

In fact, much of what we are doing at the moment has to do with the support and encouragement of those around us. Since I can't wait for when Darrel and I receive our first APRA Silver Scroll and/or produce our first album sleeve, I'd like to thank those who have helped us out and hopefully bring some loving back to them.

In no particular order:
My partner and son for giving my otherwise amorphous life shape and definition and for keeping Darrel and I on course in many, many ways.
Tyree Robertson for giving us our start - we'd like to see you again soon, it's been too long.
Pete Baillie for his sterling efforts on our behalf and on behalf of many up-and-comers in the Wellington scene.
Tommy Pickett for singing our praises and then our songs with us, and simply because the world is a nice place with you around.
Strangelove for giving us our first support gigs.
The Adelaide, The Blue Note, Happy, Bodega, The San Francisco Bath House, Valve, and Katipo Cafe for giving us space to play.
TK at STL for the session, and my partner and family for getting us in there in the first place.
Andy, JD, Pete Mills, Mr. Winter for sound advice and support,
Jill for The Water Horse gig, and those workmates and colleagues of mine and Darrel's that have made it to our gigs at least once.
And, of course, our first real critic venetic for his review of our first Bodega gig in February.