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Jazz Festival Gigs

Here we are playing at Flavour Bistro in Palmerston North for the 2015 Manawatu Jazz Festival’s Cafe Scene Programme.
(photo by Paul Greenaway)

The two gigs we played for the Manawatu Jazz Festival went well.

Though the music we play can’t really be called jazz, we always have a good time when we play the festival and are always well-received.

We played Bruce McKenzie’s Bookshop in George Street on Saturday 30th - an unconventional venue for a musical group, but one we have played before.

Standing next to a shelf of sporting books near the entrance we were scheduled to play between 2 and 5pm. Darrel, Emma, and I had not seen each other in over a week due to various commitments, but once we settled in to the music it did not seem to matter. The start was a little tentative, feeling out for how loud we ought to play, but by the end we were in full voice to a small but appreciative audience coming and going and browsing through the books.

Our three-part repertoire has grown considerably since we last played to an audience, so many of the songs played that afternoon were having their first public outing. We had intended to play three sets with breaks in between but as the bulk of the audience seemed to turn up just as we were scheduled to finish a set, we elected to carry on through. This was a little tiring, our last gig together was some time ago and the set list much shorter, but we managed to keep the energy up throughout without too many mistakes.

The second gig on Sunday 31st was at Flavour Bistro in the Downtown Complex, a much larger venue that allowed us to use our PA and spread out a bit. This was another three-hour performance between 11am and 2pm, and this time we elected to stick to our three set format. Darrel’s and my fingers appreciated the breaks, playing heavy gauge acoustic guitar strings certainly takes its toll, but it is a sacrifice you have to make for a good solid sound.

We were all in good voice, and despite playing I See about 20 beats per minute faster than usual the gig went smoothly, and the audience enjoyed themselves. One benefit of playing where we were was that the sound carried out of the cafe and down the tiled hallway between the mall shops, and the reverb made us sound all the more sweet.

The staff at both venues were very pleased to have us, and we really appreciated the opportunity to play to them. Our thanks go out to all at Bruce McKenzie’s and Flavours Cafe and, of course the Manawatu Jazz Club for fitting us into the Cafe Scene programme.

The Gracious Deviants will be on a bit of a hiatus this month as two of us are leaving the country on holiday, but we will be back and raring to go by the middle of July. Stay tuned.