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Next steps

2007 is upon us, and by god did it start with a phut for me.

In this country, and indeed in this city, if you don't go somewhere else for your holidays, you have no holiday at all. I start work again tomorrow, having only been off work for about three weeks. The weather has been awful, the wind unrelenting, and things in general not being terribly relaxing.

However.... Darrel and I sat down recently and talked about all of the things we have been taking for granted until now. We spent a good four hours discussing where we are now and where we would like to be, our feelings about our work, the division of labour, what keeps us going, and how we feel about certain things such as copyright, playing covers, and what we should do next.

We played the Adelaide fairly regularly for a while but are now looking for new venues or, at least, other venues. An open mic night is a great opportunity to showcase new material, or satisfy the need to perform, and we will continue to play open mic nights for this reason, but it is about time we thought seriously about getting our music out to a few more people.

We have decided to create a 5-track CD that best represents our efforts to date. We have a number of recorded versions of our current set list, but they are taken from many sources and are of variable quality. Last night Darrel and I sat down during yet another fabulous curry (a key ingredient in our musical process) and shortlisted the following songs:

1. Spoke at the Same Time
2. We Could Be Good
3. Lay Your Love
4. Song to Remember
5. Release.

When we got back to the studio we trawled through our recordings and found the best versions of each song, some from our live recordings, others from a studio session. Over the next week or so, Darrel and I will be visiting venues around town and plugging this CD to try and generate some gigs - at this point we are as happy to play in a cafe during lunch as we are playing a headline gig. We have an hour of original material and can play covers if tortured, our style is pleasant to the ear, and we can provide our own gear - it's a no-brainer really.

Over the next few weeks we will go back into the studio and re-record some of these songs to create another 5-track CD which we will pester the local radio stations with. I figure that if we can get on one of the student radio stations we can get on the BNet network, which is the nationwide student radio network that also has a fairly strong Internet presence. Darrel and I hold no illusions of breaking into commercial radio, we will just do what we can to get our music out to a wide range of people.

I am slowly creating an Internet presence as well, we have an email address for the band and, as well as this blog I have saved places on MySpace and the Ultimate Band List. Our goal in this regard is to have this blog appear as the first entry in a couple of thousand hits when you Google "gracious deviants".

Live News: We will be playing at The Best of The Acoustic Lounge, at the San Francisco Bath House in Cuba Street, Wellington on the 20th January. I will post more details as they come to hand.